A Co-Educational Day Cum Residential School, Senior Secondary School ( 10+2 )
CBSE Affiliation Code : 2430184

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The House System and its Objectives

Takshashila - Vasudhev Kutumbakam The world is a family

The motto embodies the loftiest Vedantic thought and emphasises that those who really practice this philosophy go on to attain the highest level of spiritual progress. By practicing such a philosophy, human beings are able to grow into responsible adults who believe in the equality of all people. The designated colour of the House is RED.

Valabhi - Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya From Darkness to Light

This shloka from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad beseeches the Universe to give us ability to go towards a life of truth, to help get rid of spiritual darkness, to remove the bad qualities from our lives and to develop and enhance the good. The designated colour of the House is YELLOW.

Vikramshila - Vidya dadati vinayam Knowledge brings Humility

The meaning of this sanskrit shloka brings home to us that, true knowledge brings humility to a human being. Through this humility, human beings find their way to eternal happiness. The designated colour of the House is BLUE.

Nalanda - Kirtiyasya seh Jeevati Legacy Is Immortal

This emphasises that only he who does good deeds of benevolence, charity and sacrifice is remembered and praised for eternity. Through such deeds, man becomes truly immortal and his name lives forever. The designated colour of the House is GREEN.

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